Step 1: First, visit, login to your account, and then navigate to the 'My Listings' tab on your GrapeConnect dashboard. 

Below is what you'll see under the 'My Listings' tab. All of your active, draft, pending, and expired listings can be accessed here. To post a new listing, select the 'Add New Listing' button (shown below):

Step 3: Create your new anonymous listing. Completing the previous step will bring you to the screen below. Begin to enter all required fields with information about your listing.

Once you have entered the listing type (ex: "Bulk Wine"), the 'Additional Listing Info' button will appear as outlined below. 

Selecting the 'Additional Listing Info' button will expand your listing options providing additional data fields. Among these, you have the option to check the box entitled 'Make this Listing Anonymous/Blind'. Checking this box will keep your listing anonymous to all GrapeConnect marketplace users. At this point, you can opt to save the listing as a draft, add additional listings, or submit the listing for approval.

Note: The location of the 'Make this Listing Anonymous/Blind' will vary slightly based upon what type of product you are listing (grapes, juice, bulk wine, shiners). However, it will always be under the 'Additional Listings Info' section. 

After approval, your listing is now live. An anonymous listing will look like the depiction below to anyone viewing your listing:

Note: Your identity will be revealed to a potential buyer one of two ways. Option 1 - You reply to or send a direct message to potential buyer. Option 2 - You approve a sample request from a potential buyer. 


If you have any further questions about your anonymous listings, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at 

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