That's definitely a fair question! Since our inception, the GrapeConnect team has worked to fundamentally improve the industry by making it reliably easier, faster, and more secure to source/sell wholesale bulk wine, grapes and unlabeled case-goods. 

There is still plenty of work to be done, but below are a few key value propositions that distinguish the GrapeConnect platform from the existing classified solutions:


1) Tools and support to make you more efficient and accelerate success, including:

  • Onsite communication tools that help streamline vetting, sampling, negotiation, and transaction logistics for buyers and sellers alike.
  • A concierge onboarding experience to help save you set-up time and improve the likelihood of a successful sourcing/sales outcome for buyers and sellers, respectively.
  • Inventory, sampling, and transaction management tools that keep all your negotiation and dealflow materials organized in a single location for easy reference when you need it.
  • A simple and secure onsite  direct payment solution, which allows buyers and sellers to initiate or request an ACH payment, all at no additional cost (learn more here).

2) Access to and improved curation of sourcing/sales opportunities, including:

  • Unique access to sellers/inventory and buyers not found on or frequenting any online classifieds, respectively; this further includes private, "unlisted" inventory accessible through several partnerships with select suppliers.
  • Smart listing email notifications which don't simply show a given day's new listings, but instead present a curated subset of active listings that will interest you based on your recent on-site activity.
  • Behind-the-scenes support from our team to find new sales or sourcing opportunities by leveraging our proprietary marketplace data and insights.

3) Transactional risk mitigation and increased pricing transparency, including:

  • Marketplace dealflow support; our team actively assists in dealflow communications to prevent deal slippage by ensuring that both sides continue to move the ball forward.
  • Frequent market pricing reports that reflect an unrivaled balance of appellation granularity and real, non-stale, pricing data aggregated from GrapeConnect, other online websites, and private sources.
  • Commitment to excellent member experience, including regular solicitation for feedback, oversight and whenever required: barring access to individuals that employ unfair business practices. 


We further welcome you to check out the following pages on our website to learn more:


If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at, or schedule a brief one-on-one demo, our team would love to hear from you.

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