If needed, the GrapeConnect team is available to quickly upload listings to the platform on your behalf. The below button will lead you to a spreadsheet with all required pieces of information highlighted. Once this is complete, email it to us for a concierge upload.

*Note: an example entry is included in the first row of the spreadsheet for your reference.

Let's take a closer look at the required categories you will see on the spreadsheet:

Type -  Bulk Wine, Grapes, Juice, or Shiners
-  Put '0' if you'd like that Buyers inquire for pricing.
- How much do you have on hand to sell?
Varietal -  Note that you may specify a blend-style here, and specify the varietals included in the respectively labeled columns of the spreadsheet.
-  Put 'Non-Vintage' if applicable.
-  Note that this field is for country of origin.
-  Leave blank if product is not domestic.
AVA - Region is also acceptable here if from multiple AVAs or a non-AVA
Minimum Quantity - What is the minimum you would be willing to coordinate a sale to any one buyer?
Ship Nationwide - Are you willing to coordinate shipping at the buyer's expense nationwide or only in a select few states? If only a select few, note these in the final column of the spreadsheet.
Anonymous - Is this listing to be posted anonymously?
Provide Samples? -  Are you willing to provide samples to interested buyers?

Concierge uploads are typically for first time posters to assist them in getting acquainted with the platform. However, these can be available to all on a case-by-case basis. Email us at team@grapeconnect.com for more information. 

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